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Can You Take Pictures Like These?

You could do the photo business on page 20!

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Dear Friend,

Are you planning on starting your own photo business right now or in the near future?  If so, pay attention!

There's finally a new, breakthrough book created just for people like you!

And, whether you decide to work part-time or full-time,  if you really want to have the most beautiful cash flow that will bring a smile to your face, then this book is definitely for YOU! 

I discovered finding information about the many different photo business models all in one place is difficult.  And I got tired of spending a fortune on LOTS of different books and courses to learn about each kind of photo specialty only to discover I'd spent my hard-earned money on one that really wouldn't  work for me. So I'd move on to the next idea, and nope, that wasn't it either.  Man, a lot of money flew out of my bank account in a hurry while I tried to find just the right photography niche for me!  That's why I decided to create a resource book for people like you who want to start their own money-making photo business!

This Isn't Like Any Other General or Generic Book
On Photo Business Ideas You Can Find In Any Store..

...On the internet, or even at your local library for that matter!

Here's Just "Sneak-Peak" At What You'll Uncover With
Starting A Photo Business Ideas Resource Book

  • Discover the map to your successful future by answering just 7 questions.

  • Learn how to clarify your goals to make it easier and quicker to start your own photo business.
  • Find out how to check your photography skills and what to do if they need a little improvement.

  • Discover how making the right choices from the start can save you money.

  • Learn how to decide what markets are best for you.

  • Discover little known marketing strategies to help grow your business.

  • Find out how investing in your knowledge can reap huge rewards in the future.

  • Discover photography specialties that fit your personality.

  • Learn how to choose the best photography equipment for your photo business.

  • Discover how to market for your success.

  • Learn where to find cameras and what type of camera sales to avoid at all costs.

  • Discover how time spent volunteering can reap huge rewards in the future!

  • Learn the best way to determine exactly how much to charge for your photography.

  • Plus much MUCH More!

More Photo Business Ideas! If you can take pictures like these . . .

Try the business in Chapter 8
if this interests you!

Page 51 suggests a niche with
a good fit for your talents!

The business  in Chapter 20 might be just the one for you!

 And The Best Part Is That You Can Be Reading
This Book In  Less Than 90 Seconds From Now!

That's right!  No more waiting for the mailman to come to your door 7-10 days later..  You can start download this book and start reading it instantly!

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And this isn't one of those "Latin" books where you don't understand what's being said.  Everything is in plain English, so you can put the Latin dictionary away :)  This is an easy to read book for photo entrepreneurs that won't take weeks to read.

But I know there's a lot of things to think about when you're starting your own business!  To make it all easier for you, here are even more great resources!  When you buy "Starting A Photo Business Resource Ideas", you'll also get . . .

Free Access to the V.I.P. Membership site where you'll find:

"8 Tips for Choosing A Digital Camera" - Bonus Report!

"Point and Shoot Cameras vs. DSLR" - Bonus Report!

"Secrets To Becoming A Great Sports Photographer" - Bonus Report!

Plus these days your business needs an online presence,
so here's help to get yours set-up and running:

42 Videos on setting up Wordpress, the most popular content management system today.  From getting web hosting on through the entire set-up of your website!

Want to start an email list for your customers?  Included are14 videos on how to use AWeber, one of  the premier list management companies available.  You can send your clients special offers, or just a reminder of your great services to get more business!

How about keeping in touch with your old customers and making new ones by using Social Networking? Inside the membership site are 5 videos on Facebook, MySpace and more!


Photoshop Secrets! 10 video tutorials on using Photoshop, the most highly rated photo editing software available today!

It would easily cost you a couple hundred bucks to buy all this separately!  But to help you get started quickly, you can have it FREE with Starting A Photo Business Ideas Resource book! 


Can you picture this?

Try the business in Chapter 14!

Testimonial . . .

"I think it is a well written book and easy to understand. There is a lot of great information on figuring out the best photo business for you which is really helpful to someone wanting to start a business in the photography field." - Susan O'Dea from Queensland, Australia

Some subjects will work for several business ideas!

Try chapters 9, 11 or 19!

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